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Assistant Treasurer Hon. Michael Sukkar

announces NEW forthcoming Australian Mandatory Data Sharing Law

Assistant Treasurer Hon. Michael Sukkar has announced the forthcoming of a new Mandatory Data Sharing Law for the automotive repair and service sector in an open letter addressed to Australia's independent automotive repairers.

This announcement is the culmination of tireless work to push for Government action to address this important competition issue. It shows the remarkable ability of our industry to put competitive rivalries aside and work together to achieve a positive outcome.
Assistant Treasurer Hon. Michael Sukkar has announced in the letter (linked here) that he will progress a mandatory data sharing scheme to primary legislation in the form of a Mandatory Data Sharing Law for the sharing of vehicle service and repair information on fair and reasonable commercial terms.
This new Law will provide greater certainty for the sector and promises a robust dispute resolution process. It will level the playing field in the industry and allow consumers to have their vehicle safely repaired by the repairer of their choice.

The announcement is also a huge moment for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) who has long championed the Choice of Repairer campaign on behalf of their members and the wider industry. The Choice of Repairer campaign has increased community awareness around consumers right to choose their repairer, and their new car warranty and servicing rights. They have now made real progress on Mandatory Data Sharing too. This announcement has been a long road and is the culmination of great efforts by the AAAA to push for Government action.

What happens next?
The Treasury is currently drafting the law and is looking to ensure it does what the industry needs – ensuring car companies do make information available and penalise those that do not abide by the new legislation. 
They also realise that there is a need for an adjoining industry body. They are therefore now considering the potential for an industry-led body to assist Government with administering the scheme. This will help ensure repairers, consumers and manufacturers remain an important voice in developing the scheme, keeping it effective and relevant.

Have a question or concern?

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association are encouraging anyone to contact them at or 03 9545 3333 with any comments or concerns regarding the new legislation.