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Software Division Restructure - January 2016

Our CTO, Mark Stamp has spent the past 3 months reviewing the entire IT Division within Autologic in terms of people, process and service. Whilst it is an essential and productive area of the business, providing software support for customers in addition to continuous software and data development, the review has established the need for restructure, along with server and system security maintenance, to improve efficiency, performance and quality.

To minimise the impact on our customers, the re-organisation will run throughout the month of January, which historically received low receipts of support cases.

For the majority of customers there will be little or no impact. However, for those frequently requesting software support, please be aware that all service will be temporarily suspended throughout January 2016, until the restructure, server and security maintenance, is completed. This is expected to be completed within 4 - 6 weeks so there may be delays until mid-February.

Temporarily Reduced Service:

1. OE Services – a reduced team will support this function therefore delays may be evident.

Temporarily Suspended Service:

2. Software bug fixes will be unavailable until February

We apologise for any disruption that this may cause to a minority of customers, but guarantee a more efficient and productive service, providing faster deployment from February onwards.

Thank you.