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Software Update

BMW 3.191.48 Software Update

Opus IVS are pleased to announce that a new software update for BMW has been released on DrivePro, AssistPlus and Blue Box.


  • New models added:
    • F40 1 Series
    • G20/G21 3 Series
    • G14/G15/G16/F91/F92/F93 8 Series
    • G29 Z4 Roadster
    • F39 X2 SUV
    • G05 X5 SUV
    • G07 X7 SUV
    • All new models have following features:
      • All ECUs and variants supported for Fault codes, Quick Test, Live Data, Component Activations
      • Automatic PAD mode control
      • CBS Service Reset and Electronic Service History write
      • Chassis number check
      • Improved Engine dynamics (much faster refresh rate)
      • Re-Energise Vehicle / Exit transport mode
  • New service functions
    • Airbag Lock / Initial start-up [all ACSM]
    • All round camera programming [ICAM_F15]
    • Battery replacement [All Engine variants]
    • Brake Pad Replacement / Workshop mode [All models]
    • Component protection unlock for replacement head unit [HU_MGU, NBTEVO]
    • Control unit reset for AAG Trailer module [AAG_F15]
    • Delete HFM deviation [D72N47A0, D75N57A0, D73BX7A0, D73N57E0]
    • DSC initialisation [DSC_G11]
    • Driving Dynamic sensors adjustment [DSC_i1]
    • EGR adjustment [D72N47A0, D75N57A0, D83BX7C0, D73BX7A0, D73N57E0]
    • Electronic Power Steering start-up [EPS_I1, EPS_G11]
    • Fuel Pump Electronics Initialisation [DME8FF_R]
    • Flap motor addressing [IHKA_G05, HKA_G07]
    • HKA Flap motor calibration [HKA_G07]
    • Initialisation of tyre pressure control [DSC_I1]
    • KAFAS calibration [KAFAS20, KAFAS04, KAFAS01]
    • Lane departure warning initialisation [KAFAS01, KAFAS20]
    • Normalisation of slide/tilt roof [FZD_G11]
    • Power window initialisations [BDC, BDC_G05]
    • Run-in protection for A/C compressor [IHKA_G05, IHKA_G11, IHKA25_2, IHX_I1]
  • DrivePro B8 serial comms issues resolved with E46 and R5x
  • DOIP update for BMW
  • Flash programming stability improved for F series
  • Live data improvements for 102 ecu variants on F series models
How to install your updates:

1. Ensure you have a WiFi connection
2. From the home screen select the 'updater' icon
3. From the list provided, select your update
4. Wait for the download to complete
5. The updater wheel will notify you once complete
1. Ensure you have a WiFi connection
2. Press Settings > Updates > Check for Updates
3. When prompted, press Download Updates
4. Wait for the download to complete
5. Press Restart

Blue Box
1. Go to > Login > Downloads, or
2. Access the latest updates from AutoLink