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BMW F2x/3x/4x model series LWR headlight manual beam throw adjustment fault

The headlights do not carry out their self calibration when turning on the ignition. Various fault codes can be stored in the FEM(Front electric module) 8041B6, 8041B7, 8041B8, 8041B9. Manual beam throw adjustment not working from switch inside the car.
High resistance across motor windings in the headlight, or, broken/chaffed wires in and around the inner wing area.




  1. At the headlight or headlights affected, remove the 12-pin plug connector and visually inspect for water damage/corrosion to the pins.
  2. Check the internal resistance across the pins directly in headlight- spec = approx. 7.5 ohms across each winding/pair of pins.
  3. Refit the plug to the headlight, gain access to the FEM (bottom of NSF a-pillar/footwell), and plug connector A173*4B. Remove plug and check resistance again through harness. You should have the same reading.